Hazardous materials, perishables, jewelry, animal skins, weapons, cash, pornographic material and illegal substances.



Screening of all packages is required to comply with FAA regulations for safe air transport.



The sky’s the limit! 246 Ship Direct  will accept non-restricted items of any size, using your USA Address! Non-restricted items of up to 100 pounds will be forwarded by air express, on receipt of larger items you will be given the choice of air or ocean freight. For details on these services call   246-549-5215




MEMBERSHIP: Membership entitles you to a private mailing address in the U.S.A.!


246 Ship Direct will notify customers prior to availability of the shipment for collection/delivery. Ten (10) days after this notification a BDS $5.00 per day storage fee is applicable. After thirty (30) days packages would be sold/Auction to offset all charges due to 246 Ship Direct. Packages will not be delivered without full payment.


CHARGES: Membership sign up is free. Each shipment will incur charges for transportation from Miami to Barbados (based upon weight or volume weight), Handling charges and Customs Duties. 246 Ship Direct will expect payment for these charges before Delivery. Please refer to our rates and charges schedule for detailed information. The “weight” used to compute your freight charge is the higher of the actual weight on the scale and the weight by volume calculated as follows:

[Length X Width X Height (In Inches) / 166

This formula is standard procedure for the Air Freight industry as governed by The International Air Transport Association (IATA).


Complete Registration form supplied by our office or sign-up at www.246shipdirect.com , register and add a copy of your Barbados I.D. for reduced delays processing import documentation.


Barring unforeseen circumstances, the clearance of your shipments through Barbados Customs will be expedited within three business days of arrival.

Our handling and processing  fee structure for personal shipments with CIF values under US$30 is as follows:

  1 – 5 lbs.      =       Bds$15
  6 – 15lbs.     =       Bds$25
 16 – 35lbs.    =       Bds$30
Over 35lbs.    =       Bds$35

Our handling fee for preparing customs entries and clearance of Personal shipments with CIF values over US$30 is Bds$20. per shipment.
Fee for handling and preparing customs entries on Commercial shipments is Bds$65.50 per shipment.

Ocean Freight is available for items of any size and Volume.  or for any cargo required by the customer to route via ocean. 246 Ship Direct will attempt to clear from customs and deliver unless otherwise stated by the customer. The fees for ocean charges are determined by the dimensions, weight, and commodity, and all associated port or warehouse charges.

This service includes completing customs documentation, and paying all duties. All shipments must be accompanied by invoices. The absence of invoices will delay the clearance of your shipment. Before delivery of any Air/sea cargo all payment associated with shipment must be paid. Appropriate documentation from customs will be provided where applicable.

COMMERCIAL AND SPECIAL APPROVAL ITEMS: Such items require invoices and specialized documentation . 246 Ship Direct is not or cannot be held responsible for any delay or withheld shipments due to Customs clearing process.

For items imported with the expectation that duty free exemptions will be used during the brokerage process, notice of and copies of same exemption letters must be provided to 246 Ship Direct in advance of the shipment’s arrival in Barbados.



246 Ship Direct can provide you with  insurance of up to US $100.00 per shipment at a cost of US $4.00. Additional, comprehensive “All Risk” insurance is easily available for all of your shipments upon request for an additional fee of US $4.00 per US $100.00

Need more details? Contact us

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Having a courier service that you can trust is essential in today’s fast paced business world.


courier services are an integral part of our history and growth. We have developed highly effective operations for our customers which uniquely positions us to create a specific solution
to meet your organization’s evolving needs.

Our combined experience and flexibility allow 246 Ship Direct to offer high-value, time-definite delivery services to various industries that require courier capabilities.246 Ship Direct  combines speed with professional service to bring you the solutions you need when you need them.

246 Ship Direct commitment 


We understand that today’s business environment requires flexibility and responsiveness. Your urgent shipments need to be handled both quickly and carefully. At 246 ShipDirect, these requirements are our standard.

246 ShipDirect Advantages


  • Courier presence in  and Around Barbados

  • Wide range of door-to-door fulfillment for clients of all sizes and needs

  • Variety of service types, from same day to next day

  • Competitive transit times

  • Flexible pricing

  • Proven on-time service standards

  • Consistent shipment integrity

246 ShipDirect Coverage

  • Bridgetown to Rendezvous

  • Rendezvous to Oistin

  • Oistin to the Airport and beyond

  • Bridgetown to Holders Hill

  • Holders Hill area to Sunset Crest

  • Sunset Crest area to Speightstown and beyond

  • St.Thomas and St.george Area

  • St.Andrew , St.Lucy , St.Phillip , St.philip

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