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246 ShipDirect has been providing U.S. Mailbox and package delivery services to the Caribbean since 2015. We help businesses and individuals with all their shipping needs. We also provide an address in the United States to receive your purchases from your suppliers and retailers enabling you to  have them shipped to your physical address.

Get the most competitive rates on your shipping services. Register online with us for FREE to set up your shipping account. When we receive your package, we notify you. All you do is send us your invoice from your supplier, we send you all of your charges (including all customs related charges, confirmed by the Customs and Excise Department), pay your bill and we send your package right away. You simply go to our office and pick up your package(s).


Door to door delivery



246 ShipDirect pick up and delivery services provide door to door delivery for your packages and parcels, so you can send packages in the US and worldwide from the comfort of your home or office.

When you book online with  246 ShipDirect, you'll find a choice of courier pick up services to choose from operated by big brand couriers such as DHL and FedEx. What's more, when you book through our shipping Business   , our discounted rates will ensure you save money too!  

Save yourself a trip to the Post Office and get a pickup and delivery quote with us  click to fill out form

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